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Idaho's Medical Concierge Practice

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Idaho Concierge Medicine offers a variety of at home services, please see below:

General Medicine

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House Calls

We provide medical house calls for primary care and urgent care needs to patients at their home, hotel, and office.

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We provide telemedicine consultations for both primary and urgent care needs.

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Executive Physicals

We provide comprehensive executive physical exams to screen for various health conditions.

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Well Woman Care

We provide comprehensive Well Woman Examinations to evaluate all aspects of female reproductive health.

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Lab Draws

We offer in-home lab draws, a convenient, comfortable, and discreet way to submit a specimen for analysis.

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Lab Tests

We offer a variety of in-home lab tests to help identify deficiencies or issues and develop a plan to optimize wellness.

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Mobile Imaging

We provide x-rays, ultrasounds, and electrocardiograms, essential diagnostic tools for various medical conditions.

IV Therapy


Vitamin IV Therapy

We provide IV treatments with fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants for wellness and recovery.

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NAD+ Therapy

We offer NAD IV therapy to help with anti-aging, energy, brain function, and addiction recovery.

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Iron Therapy

We provide at-home iron IV therapy to help patients effectively restore normal iron levels.

Wellness Treatments

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NAD+ Injection Therapy

We offer NAD+ self-injections to help with anti-aging, energy, brain function and addiction recovery.

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Testosterone Therapy

We offer self-administered testosterone injections which help improve workouts, boost energy, and enhance sex drive.

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Peptide Therapy

We provide at-home self-administered peptide injections which offer a wide variety of anti-aging benefits.

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Medical Weight Loss

We provide Wegovy medical weight loss injections to help patients effectively lose weight.

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